Denpasar Airport Guide to Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) - Bali

Denpasar Airport Taxi

By taxi you can get fairly easy to Denpasar city centre – It is located at 13 kilometres from Denpasar Airport, that means the transfer time is of at least 33 minutes.

As in other airports, at Denpasar Airport there is a special system which you only need to tell to the taxi counter officer your final destination. You will be given a ticket with the destination written down and the fare. You just need to pick up the ticket and board a taxi.


Find taxis located outside the Arrivals Hall.


Find the following taxi companies available in Denpasar Airport:

- Bali Airport: +62 361 935 1011 / extension 566

By government regulations, there is just a single taxi operator in Denpasar Airport.


See attached below the estimated taxi fares at Denpasar Airport. Note that they are fixed fares by the government, so you won’t be able to negotiate nor bargain the final fare with the driver:

- Denpasar (Teuku Umar): 125,000 rupiah
- Denpasar (Renon, Tanjung Bunggkak, Kreneng): 135,000 rupiah
- Denpasar (Jl. Nangka Seletan, Jl. Ratna, Kesiman): 150,000 rupiah
- Denpasar (Sekar Tunjung, Tohpati, Penatih): 175,000 rupiah
- Kuta centre (Discovery, Bakungsari, Kuta Square): 70,000 rupiah
- Kuta (North border, Banjar Pelasa): 80,000 rupiah
- Nusa Dua: 150,000 rupiah
- Sanur: 95,000 rupiah
- Ubud centre: 300,000 rupiah

Share a car

Sharing car apps are a useful way to get to your destination at a reduced cost comparing to the above options. You can consider to share your ride with more people or simply join another one’s trip.

Apps like Uber or BlaBlaCar may be useful for your trip to any of the cities nearby.